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2018 1▓6:17 BJTHOHHOT -- Every morning, Huhtuyaa is woken up by his roosters' crowing, but he was not so comfortable with the sound 13 years ago when his family abandoned grazing and started to raise chickens."I grew up hearing sheep and cows, and it felt strange to hear chickens in the beginning," said the resident of Sainhoda Township, deep in the Hunshandake Sandland, in the nort▓h of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region.In early summer, Hunshandake turns green, but 20 ▓years ago, 80 percent of the area was sand dunes.Hunshandake means "yellow wild horse" in Mongolian.▓ The sandland was believed to be a major source of the severe sandstorms that would often shroud northern China.In 2002, China started a sand control project in the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei area. A series of environmental resto▓ration efforts were undertaken in Hunshandake, with one of them being encouraging herders to raise▓ chickens.Scientists at the Hunshandake environmen▓tal research station under the Chinese Academy of Sc▓iences brought some chickens to the sandland, persuading the herders to give up grazing.▓However, most of the herders refused to change their traditional way of living.Huhtu▓yaa's family took the daring step.With low i▓nterest loans given by the governmen▓t, Huhtuyaa's parents bought around 400 chicks in▓ 2005. Afraid that

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